"La Mukiz dans la peau" - Zouk Machine

Mukiz offers a variety of unique features to enhance your music quiz games, whether alone or in a group.

Voice recognition

Say goodbye to entering your answers by hand. With Mukiz, you can use your voice to respond to the musical extracts on offer. It's simple, fast and effective! Just listen, speak and earn points.

Multiplayer mode

Play against friends or opponents from all over the world in real time, in the same room or from a distance. Test your musical skills and find out who the real maestro is.

Follow Your Progress

Win trophies, unlock playlists and become the king of the game! Compare your scores with those of players from all over the world. Aim for the top and show everyone who's the music quiz master!

Various Playlists

Whether you're a fan of rock, pop, hip-hop or jazz, Mukiz has playlists for every taste. Play with different genres and eras to vary the pleasures.

Premium version

Take your ad-free experience to the next level, with all playlists accessible and enhanced voice recognition!

Regular Updates

We're constantly adding new songs and playlists so you never run out of fresh, exciting content.