The different game modes

"Je joue de la Mukiz" - Calogero

Mukiz offers exciting game modes to satisfy every guess the song enthusiast. Whether you prefer to play solo, challenge your friends, or take on other players online, Mukiz offers a unique and exciting gaming experience.

Boost your solo skills and earn trophies and coins ! Whether you prefer to use your voice or test your knowledge in MCQ mode, you’re the master of the game. Climb your playlist rankings and impress your friends at the next party!

  • Improve your skills by playing the app’s many playlists
  • Win trophies by completing challenges on your favorite playlists

Solo: Improve your musical knowledge

Challenge an opponent in an 8-round battle to determine who’s the king of music! MCQ or voice recognition, which will be your winning trump card? Take it in turns to find the answer in the least amount of time to taunt your opponent!

  • Be faster than your opponent to win maximum points
  • You don’t have to play at the same time, just start your duel and let your opponent answer whenever he wants.

Duel: Play against an opponent in turn

In the same room or remotely, play with friends and personalize your game! Elimination mode, first or nothing, choose your favorite game mode and enjoy a great evening with friends!

  • Choose from a range of game modes to customize your game to suit your needs.
  • With Mukiz, there’s no latency: correct answers are detected to the hundredth of a second.

Private games : Play with your friends in real time

Play with users from all over the world in these live games to prove your skills and beat the competition!

  • With the live game mode, there’s no need to have friends available to play against other people. Get to know other blind test fans!
  • Dozens of live games take place every day, so be among the top of the leaderboard to win all-new badges!

Live games: Compete against other music quiz fans

Do you have enough musical knowledge to stay in survival mode for as long as possible? Find as many extracts as you can to make the daily leaderboard and win rewards.

  • With no predefined playlists, this is the perfect mode to show off your music-loving skills.
  • Earn coins according to the number of songs you find, and get on the leaderboard!

Survival: One mistake and it's all over